Friday, February 3, 2012

Can you name the Biggest Corporation in the Philippines?


Cutting back the government size


  1. A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
  2. A group of people elected to govern a city, town, or borough.
In terms of workforce, government is on the top of the list. Forget who's second. A  private company's number of employees is just a junior booger in size compared to government.

I can not possibly give a definite answer how many public employees are there. What's available are just approximations. And that is one of the reasons why I say government is really that huge. Compared to private corporations, government is just too big you can't count how many people are in there working to keep the government running.

Thousands? Excuse me! This is not McDonald's. Government has a thousand of thousand, as the following estimation shows. For 2011 Christmas bonus, the government budget office released PhP11.5 billions  for all government employees, P10,000.00 each (lucky bastards). Anyway, therefore roughly there are 1,150,000 working asses (or pretending to be working at all) in government. There is also a Civil Service Commission tally and it shows almost the same number.

Holy Satan! I forgot those pesky ghost employees. How many of them are there? I don't know. I can't make valid statistics for that. It is difficult to count spirits. However, because I don't love government that much, I must say my assumption that there are fake employees on government payrolls is true. I don't have to be politically correct to be right on this regard. 

Oh what?

And speaking of government manpower in general, can I add those government apologists, the mass media people? Of course! There are lots of them. All bunch of socialists. These unpaid talking heads and big-headed opinion makers, working as government consultants for free, some of them luckily paid backdoor will always serve as unofficial guest relation officers for this socialist government. GRO's. I call them press cunts and hoars.

I cannot count them all, can I?

Come on, so what?

So what, so what, so what....... Well, that's a valid spoiler. So what?

Civil Service tally:

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  1. hahaha, nice one pare. Here's my estimate of Philippine government personnel:

    1. National govt agencies, about 1.3 million
    2. Govt corporations, banks, about 100,000
    3. Legislature, about 30,000
    4. Judiciary, maybe about 50,000
    5. Constitutional commissions, about 50,000
    6. Local govt units, from barangays to cities/municipalities to provinces, about 2.5 M

    Total, about 4.1 million.

  2. Thank you for the input Kuya Nonoy.

    I am amazed your estimate is much bigger. Of course I am inclined to believe your numbers far more than mine, you're a veteran on matters pertaining to government.

    Government is really that BIG. tsk tsk tsk. And everyday they want to make it even bigger.