Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So, lawmakers want to amend FCDA? Plunderer's answer: Hey stupid, We Find Ways!


Here we go again. Politicians and mainstream think tanks are batting to pass amendment of RA 6426 or the Foreign Currency Deposit Act. Technically they want to kill it.

The lawmakers and their avid supporters blame FCDA for the headache the prosecution gets on its failure to open Corona's dollar account for scrutiny. The culprit they say is that FCDA provides absolute confidential nature to any foreign currency account against any disclosure not approved by the account holder. Thus they feel incapacitated on their campaign against government corruptions.

These "thinking" people contend that once they revoke FCDA, they are one step closer at solving government corruption. By some common sense, they foresee that the current Corona dilemma could be avoided. Corruption could then be solved. Hurraaah! Excellent idea? No. Not even close. It doesn't show  anything logical.

To borrow Banco de Oro's business mantra in enticing borrowers, government thieves and plunderers says to lawmakers: "We find ways". And they will surely do. Because, again, crooked-thinking corrupt government officials are not numbskulls. They wouldn't put into banks ever again any of their loots once FCDA is watered down. They will find ways to keep their lootbags somewhere else safer. Certainly not in banks, and not in foreign currency accounts.

What is this? Supposedly intelligent people in Ateneo School of Government, Bishops-Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development, Caucus of Development NGO Networks, National Movement for Free Elections, CBCP National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace, and Transparency and Accountability Network, now supports amending the FCDA.Unbelievable. All bunch of.....I don't know.

These brain-enabled men think their amendment move could make a difference. Yes it can for sure Why not? In fact one big thing it can do is to reduce banks' deposit assets for sure. Depositors will  withdraw their dirty deposits in no time before law enforcers could open it for investigation. Sorry banks, you're not a safe place anymore.

So, amending FCDA is useless. Thieves will not be scared away. They find ways.

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