Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Depopulation: A Way to Save the Planet?


Mainstream people say over-population, threatens the environment. But in a manner they intended not to be clear to the public except to say resources would be depleted soon and we need to act about it or else. Is that all? 
I have something different in mind. And it is easy to see what they really want. For every thesis, there is anti-thesis. Their thesis: OVERPOPULATION. And the only precise concept left as an effective counter to it is the word DEPOPULATION. Under-population may come just as good but not as ink-saver. So they stick with the former term only with an agreement not to be vulgar at using this term. Al Gore was very cautious not to include this term in his book in a manner counterproductive to the mainstream campaign to stem population. Using the word depopulate sound so offensive to the very party depopulation is intended for - majority of the global population, which includes you specially if you're an Asian or brown, or worse, both. 
Now, what they would use in place of the word depopulate? Easy to snipe. The hard-to-miss "SAVE THE PLANET" mantra. And along with it comes sublime messages to pull you in with your own help no-less, with your own self-overdose of self-guilt that you are not a good son or daughter of Mother Earth if you don't agree with them. That even includes going along with the new breed of CO2-hating individuals.

Another is the worthwhile Family Planning which I previously think as truly humane approach until I found out Government will pass a law for more subsidies and give business to select contractors in exchange of higher taxes to the people and more annual government deficit budget for politicians to feast on.

Depopulation is really the antidote of this pesky overpopulation. Only that they would not tell it that way. That is what they planned. Of course they wouldn't tell you that straight face because by then you would react to it heavily and will cause others to wake-up. And you wouldn't expect them to do it right away. They are not that stupid. They would do it little by little you can't notice it until someone tells you just what I do now.
Slowly but surely they would do it in every way I could imagine.  Perhaps, they will introduce hybrid-compound in bottled drinks or off-commercial shelves foods to target genes for men to grow a penis that is extra-short incapable of shooting semen in a sufficient trajectory in the uterus (just my wild thought) and will thus fail to fertilize an egg every time.

Well, my ass' hole is not itching against what they really want. And in fact I might have contributed a lot to the depopulation campaign if only they have been honest what they really want from the beginning. But hell, they think all people are stupid (of course majority are). I don't belong.
However, I don't want to end this short trash talk with a negative note. Hopeless or hopeful as it could be, I dream for us to live together with genuine love with each other. Genuine love needs no government, much less government laws and more taxes. Only that at this moment WE REALLY DON'T KNOW WHO WE ARE.
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