Friday, July 27, 2012

An Invite to See WHO AM I?


After all the bets had been placed, will you concede that having you here reading this material  is a result of a thrown trillion of trillions of dices up in the air then all landed with faces of 1 up? The probability of that ever happening is negligible but obviously in a rather interesting fashion, you ended up in here against all odds of being in here.

Owing to the rarity of people, or more precisely to say rarity of computers using an internet app that is configured to see this kind of document, plus the vastness of the momentary space-time, being in a fact that you are seeing this thingy means you are  caught and trapped in a cosmic conspiracy to have a look at something of extraordinary nature. The once perfect improbability of finding this kind of internet write-up and once perfectly unknown possibility of being in this exact circumstance has already collapsed. A new dawn of intellectual and spiritual encounter along the way of knowing the true being of existence is already in your front.

The bidding for daily usual activities appears to be as predictable as it could get but here you come in a blink of an eye and before you lies something that is seen as an unexpected deviation from your daily activities like perhaps you should be busy worrying the next pay for the rent or enjoying a chat with friends over a cup of coffee. But I tell you, this is not a deviation from the normal program of the day. You can still enjoy a cup of coffee while reading this. It is just that things, as all other things before growing with them in familiarity, have the unavoidable circumstantial genesis or the one we call “the first experience”. So it is not a deviation in a strict sense but rather just a first taste, a first date, a first slap, a first palpable encounter of something that now begins to confirm what has been hiding beneath your mind for the most part of your life.

Of course you can always opt out, go back to your usual ways, like worrying a lot of things, and close this computer window and never to be here again. But I don’t need to force you to indulge into it if you have the natural itch, not the type that irritates you, to know something. You would come back to it no matter what perhaps not on this same material but in many other forms out there. It is your subconscious boiling up and trust me when I say just relax and let nature, or whatever you want to call it, takes its course.

For now, let me say this is just an invite not that I, or anyone, have chosen you to take part nor you have chosen it yourself to be a part of it but rather just to take part because it has arisen to be so. That is why I called it a cosmic conspiracy. All things obviously connive with each other just to bring you here. All we are doing is celebrating the once completely impossible probability of celebrating it. Oh yes I am only talking about the obvious circumstance that never appeared to you to be possible in any manner before. This is the first taste, a never planned, surprising, and completely unexpected first taste of big things to come.

To See

We are looking for an answer. But first we want to know the question first. Up to now you might be guessing what this is all about. But your indulgence have brought you in a place to see first not what the answer is but what the question is. 

But I am warning you that the question does matter only when at some point in past times of your life you were so honest to have ever asked what is this all about. What is life? What is existence? What the hell am I doing here? Or perhaps you are naturally inclined to deal with things which are beyond the superficial affairs like judging a fellow lady worker how awful her dress was or engaging in gossips about people you hate just to make your own selfishly happy for a moment.

You can resign from here and go back to what you usually do and forget everything you have read so far if you can’t feel a pull from the inside. The pull from the inside is an honest feedback from the subconscious, your inner being, which is not really verbal but just an intuition saying you are worthy to go on honestly beyond this sentence.

The question is: WHO AM I?

The question does matter, doesn’t it? Does it ring a bell inside? I hope it is. Now, I tell you the only way is forward from hereon. You have a choice to stop? None. Not a chance of ever stopping. And you will know why later on.
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