Monday, July 23, 2012

The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question


Why do we exist? Aha!

Good God..Here we go again. Damn. The deathless question about existence. Why do we exist? Oh brother, how can we ever answer that question?

I think there is no answer. Why? Because it is pathetic asking such. But somehow, asking such question may come as noble as it sounds. This shows a good mark of intelligence to ever come to a place of asking in such a tone. I call it the upper level or the higher consciousness. However, to be stuck in higher consciousness is never a guarantee that one is better than his older self. Asking the question and never finding the answer is still as good as being stuck.

There can never be a complete answer to the question of existence. Perhaps there is a reason why there can't be an answer. Perhaps the question itself is wrong at the first place.

Look. Long time ago, you were born.....sent to school...taught by people around...and then arrived to a moment you can be proud of every knowledge you have accumulated your entire life. But there is a lingering problem. The problem of NEXT. What is next? What is next. Hell. what is next? And it can only be possible to question that way because deep inside you are quite bored. So the next question would naturally arise, the ultimate question, WHY DO WE EXIST?

But then again.....the question is perhaps wrong. The question is false from the onset. What I am saying therefore is to look for the right question first before we can ever hope to find the right answer.

So what is right the question then? Oh damn! That is the answer!
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