Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anti-political dynasty yankers: Sore Losers


Philippines - Political dynasty is a natural tendency. Those who are against political dynasty are sore losers. Let me tell you why.

Government has the monopoly of control practically over anything. It is a huge enterprise. To be in the government would give a lot of power to anyone who can have it. That power is so huge. People would compete for it with lots of fire in the belly. Those who are able will be lucky. Unfortunate otherwise.

In a democratic state, we elect officials. Assuming elections are not rigged, Philippine electorates are best swayed to favor a candidate who has lots to give out. (A rigged election is another story.)

Now, given the current setup provided by democracy, the competition is always in favor to the ones who have lots of resources to burn. election campaigns are popularity contests. Secure it first then there is the best chance to win. In this, members of political clan almost all the time prevails.

So why those who yank against dynasties are sore losers? Envy. They don't have the same resources those political dynasties have.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insanity: The only art that really matters


An insane man believes he is normal as that other man who never believes he is insane. Then what's the difference between the two? None if they don't argue. But even if they did argue, what hope someone would concede if you were the other man? Still none. 

Insanity is an independent art. It is a whole by itself. Not to depend a second man or a third man's opinion. Not even the whole society against it. It is your insanity against all odds. And you've beaten them all before they can even muster a fight. 

Who is to argue against an insane man? He is as normal as everybody who lay claim on the same? They have their own brands. Each unique brand for every unique man. That is why it is unbeatable. You have to give up life to give it up. Not in this lifetime. You are alive and insane and there is nothing can be done about it. Not even hell. The Satan bows down before an insane man. The gods respects his views. Who can beat an insane man? No one and nothing. He is always right though always wrong for others. But he doesn't care. He is a solid man in his own and by his own. All outside murmurs are like bubbles ready to pop before his presence. He is what he is. An insane man owning the whole world can 'go-do' no wrong. 

Embracing insanity is what makes a man free. This is a no-mind business. Likewise it is a mind-your-own-business no technology can comprehend. Doesn't care anything but its own insanity. The whole of the worlds is owned. By him. And he couldn't care less what is not-what from him. Insanity is his own whole being; his whole own love; his whole own existence. 

Insanity is an art of being. The only characteristic of existence there is. No one can beat it. It drives its own. It survives in its own even when the whole world is dissolved in fronts of its eyes. There is only insanity and never been of any other kind. It has its own absolute calibration. Nothing to compromise. Nothing to give out. Nothing to sacrifice.

An insane man is holy. And the rest are just junkie puff of smokes. He is the only true confident existence while others are just beating the bush. Oh this is insanity and this is me.

If You Are not Aware, How to tell What?


Light particles are best observed when not being observed. A paradox for both quantum and Newtonian physicists . The reason is simple. The act of observation alters everything. And that is because in observing light particles, an observer has to use light also in a hope to see what will happen. But by then, the light being used to observe the light particle affects the particles being observed. So it is futile attempt to observe light particles at all. The observer has no recourse but to give up and can only manage to come-up with probabilities and chances.

Just as the dilemma encountered in trying to pin down both the exact location and the momentum of a light particle at the same time, there is no way to answer how it feels like being asleep while in deep sleep. Only when it is done that a truthful result can be acquired. But even in delusional hope it can't be done. Someone has to be awake to ever answer the question about how it feels like to be asleep. But then the answer is necessarily incorrect. All that can be be done is imagine what it feels like.

The subjective position of the observer is obviously absent during deep sleep. There is no one to be questioned, no one to answer, no one to falsify, no one to confirm, and no one to interact. Nothing at all exactly as if there is nothing at all.With the subjective position absent, what's left to be done? No answer as if there is no way to both know and not know.

Upon waking up and after sometime the mind arises. Then thoughts accumulate. This sense of existence and self identity comes back forming again asserting itself a solid existence together with other individuals assumed to be having the same sense too. And there comes out the thing we call reality - an idea about this palpable existence. 

But is it not true that the idea about reality, as all other ideas, only came about upon waking up from deep sleep? This must be true since any talks about any idea in sleep is impossible to conduct much like it is impossible to know how it feels being asleep while asleep. In deep sleep, how to tell what? Again, no answer as if there is no way to both know and not know. Only in the waking state that we ever come to talk what is what, how is how and so on.

Reality is a paradox. Any talk about is a distorted one like the light particle being affected by the light used to observe it and thus there is no way to get solid observer-independent answers. We want to know what real Reality is? Leave it alone. Because there is no real way to know real what except to just see it is as it is.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spirituality Junk Shop


There must be something to do to be enlightened. So goes the commanding order. And without persistence, the adventurer will never realize the end, whatever that end maybe. And there should be no excuse at not finding what is sought for. There are tons of resources pertaining to spirituality. 

First, there is this tempting idea what enlightenment feels like. Next is to look for materials that is hoped to confirm such idea, and the unwavering practice enlightened is achieved.. Books, mantras, chakras, yoga, meditation, breathing, kundalini, postures, diet, ambiance, frequencies, retreats, satsangs, music, mysticism, Zen, and koans,  Name them all. All these are necessary to achieve what everyone has tried achieving for many years. Enlightenment. 

But hey, after so many years of thousand mantras, volumes of books, energy alignment instructions, penitence, chakra activation, kundalini awakening instructions and a lot more, did it bring anyone closer to the 'thing'? 

The truth is that all these are trickery. When the alarm clock goes off, you will still need to comeback to what you usually do. Thinking. Worries. Anxieties. What happened to the persistent practice now? After lots of promises there is nothing to be hopeful about. Frustrations after frustrations. As is as it was, full of raging craps in the head. 

Have paid a lot to visit to the shop only to find out nothing and go out empty-handed after. Nothing in there to carry for home. All are junks full of junkies. Just a repository colorful trickery of the mind.

But it has to be scouted nonetheless. The spirituality junk shop must be visited. What is necessary is to come back. And coming back will bring the understanding that it is as it is. Because the 'thing' has never been away for an inch or for a second.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Cycle of Being


First there is just is. 
Then curiosity and excitement.
Then came boredom.....
Next is discontentment.
Seeking came after. 
Then there is awakening,
Awakening to the Truth
Then the Truth is known.
And then Truth forgotten
Then there is just is.
Then there is everything.

~ Erro

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Fear of Losing Control


To begin with, there is no YOU. And if you hear this from your already enlightened understanding of it, that statement would be a no big deal at all. You just know that it is true even apparently in contradiction to what has been said in your lifetime that there is you; action thus there must be actor; verb thus there must be a subject. 

However, for a man who is still tied up with the idea of doership, the ‘there is no you’ idea is utterly ridiculous - a seemingly huge dose of illogical shock that a mind has no way to absorb. But there will be always a point in time that an understanding will be revealed: that there is just “happening” happening by itself and there is no one forcing it to be done. 

So, for the sake of talking let us come to deconstruct why there is a natural refusal to accept the idea that there is no one doing anything. And perhaps there is a big hope to pinpoint the source from where the natural repulsion comes from. 

The culprit can be traced from the conditioning which started from childhood. Parents assigned a name for you and you thought your name is you. Dynamically, you and your society forged a personality of you. This personality is the fixed blueprint by which you and the society negotiate with each other. And it is no surprise that the dealing is so far so good thus strengthening even more the idea that your established personality is all that there is. You have no slight suspicion that something is wrong. You are an individual. You project to be so and you are in a comfortable assumption that your society acknowledges it to be so. Until someone pointed you out that your well-held identity is a phony one. And you just can’t swallow it. 

Obviously, the idea that there is nobody doing anything is the last thing most people would consider. Why? Fear or perhaps the absurd thought of it. For aside from being an extremely unconventional idea, it also threats the very sense a man has of himself; his self-established identity, his name, his personality, his I-ness from that of the others, or his ego. What crime could be a greater than turning against own self? So no, there is no hope that a man would readily surrender to the idea that there is no actor of the action; no doer of the doing; or no initiator of the happening. The idea that there is no one doing everything is an offense against the seemingly solid, compact, unshakable sense of being an individual. . In short, it is against the root of one’s pride, the ego, the me, the I, the myself etc. And every man is apparently strongly clinging to this sense of individuality. 

Being an individual gives the thought of being in control. The idea that there is no one doing everything is dreadful. It brings annihilation to anyone’s identity. An individual clings to his identify much like clinging for his life. Losing identity means death. So everyone is afraid to lose control. Having the grip to the feeling of control is what makes-up every man, he thinks so. Identity is resolved unto itself: to take hold of the control. It is a must to stay in control. Or else…. 

But first, what is thing we call control? Why almost all of us are consumed by the idea that we ought to have at least a control over anything foremost of it is the control of ourselves? 

We are afraid of disorder that is why we think we need to have a control. The feeling that we have control makes us whole. This gives us reassurance that our existence is solid and not a product of some random whims of nature. We basically don’t like the idea that we are bunch of nothing. We are always something. We are conscious matter. And so as to negate the idea that we are nobody, we are in constant battle to affirm our control. 

However, the degree by which we believe we have control is also the degree by which we are consumed in an illusion that we have control over anything. If you come to a situation wherein a chocolate candy is in your mouth and you decide to either chew or melt it, you may say that you have a control on the fate of the chocolate candy in your mouth. But the question is, how do you often caught your self deciding whether to chew or melt the chocolate candy in your mouth before consuming it? What about for all other kinds of foods, or for all other kinds of actions? Do you always take time deciding first how you are going to do what? I bet you don’t and you can’t. But isn’t true that things are always accomplished as they should be, with or without your conscious effort for it to be done? Things happen not with your permission but there is a whole lot bigger indeterminable conspiracy than what you limitedly think you do which makes things go as they are. Everything just happens by itself. 

In analysis, the idea that you have control is a phony feeling amidst the vastness of everything-ness happening around. And perhaps control is nothing but just a contracted state brought upon by yet another idea that you are an individual. You think you are an independent entity capable of autonomous decision thus this feeling of control over things that you feel you have autonomy with. 

What is true is that the fear of losing control is very much tied up with the fear losing the identity you have. You are not actually in fear of losing control. At the root of it is your fear of losing yourself. You think you will be dissolved, and the mere thought of it is a repulsive one. You simply don’t like it. You strongly believe you are an individual and you ought to be kept that way. 

Which brings us to the deeper quest of finding out who we really are. Who is this something in us that is afraid of losing the control? Who is this within us that is afraid of losing itself? Who are we? Who am I? What am I? Thus, you now have your own legendary journey of finding who you are. Who am I? Yet…..but who is asking?