Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anti-political dynasty yankers: Sore Losers


Philippines - Political dynasty is a natural tendency. Those who are against political dynasty are sore losers. Let me tell you why.

Government has the monopoly of control practically over anything. It is a huge enterprise. To be in the government would give a lot of power to anyone who can have it. That power is so huge. People would compete for it with lots of fire in the belly. Those who are able will be lucky. Unfortunate otherwise.

In a democratic state, we elect officials. Assuming elections are not rigged, Philippine electorates are best swayed to favor a candidate who has lots to give out. (A rigged election is another story.)

Now, given the current setup provided by democracy, the competition is always in favor to the ones who have lots of resources to burn. election campaigns are popularity contests. Secure it first then there is the best chance to win. In this, members of political clan almost all the time prevails.

So why those who yank against dynasties are sore losers? Envy. They don't have the same resources those political dynasties have.
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