Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insanity: The only art that really matters


An insane man believes he is normal as that other man who never believes he is insane. Then what's the difference between the two? None if they don't argue. But even if they did argue, what hope someone would concede if you were the other man? Still none. 

Insanity is an independent art. It is a whole by itself. Not to depend a second man or a third man's opinion. Not even the whole society against it. It is your insanity against all odds. And you've beaten them all before they can even muster a fight. 

Who is to argue against an insane man? He is as normal as everybody who lay claim on the same? They have their own brands. Each unique brand for every unique man. That is why it is unbeatable. You have to give up life to give it up. Not in this lifetime. You are alive and insane and there is nothing can be done about it. Not even hell. The Satan bows down before an insane man. The gods respects his views. Who can beat an insane man? No one and nothing. He is always right though always wrong for others. But he doesn't care. He is a solid man in his own and by his own. All outside murmurs are like bubbles ready to pop before his presence. He is what he is. An insane man owning the whole world can 'go-do' no wrong. 

Embracing insanity is what makes a man free. This is a no-mind business. Likewise it is a mind-your-own-business no technology can comprehend. Doesn't care anything but its own insanity. The whole of the worlds is owned. By him. And he couldn't care less what is not-what from him. Insanity is his own whole being; his whole own love; his whole own existence. 

Insanity is an art of being. The only characteristic of existence there is. No one can beat it. It drives its own. It survives in its own even when the whole world is dissolved in fronts of its eyes. There is only insanity and never been of any other kind. It has its own absolute calibration. Nothing to compromise. Nothing to give out. Nothing to sacrifice.

An insane man is holy. And the rest are just junkie puff of smokes. He is the only true confident existence while others are just beating the bush. Oh this is insanity and this is me.

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