Thursday, December 13, 2012

RH Bill: A Church and a Government Conspiracy


I have a conspiracy theory about the government topheads and the Catholic church leaders conniving to pass RH bill. This is accomplished by:

1. Church will present its argument (which is a week argument).
2. Condition the masses that the only argument there is against RH bill is the church argument.
3. Government will try really hard to defeat the church argument.

RH will pass not because government has strong case for it but because the church conspired to stand on a ground that can be easily defeated. Where in fact there is only one strong argument against socialist programs. And that is the idea about individual freedom. i.e. freedom from both church and government control.
People are made to believe that the only choice is to side with either the church or government. These two powerful and influential institutions, the former being an institution of hell and heaven, the latter of taxes or jail, wrestle to gain control over the people. But at last have decided to connive but without being easily noticed.

RH bill is their testing ground. The other would appear to be against it, The other one would be for it. But in the end, they will get what they want because of the absurdity of arguments presented.

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