Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heated Email Exchange Between Tom G. Palmer and Me

Tom G. Palmer
I did not expect things to evolve this way. This is an unfortunate moment. Tom G. Palmer is a Senior Fellow at Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. And we just had an unfortunate exchange.

Tom posted on his Facebook Wall a topic about Jullian Assange (Wikileaks founder). Please go to this link to check the current update of the discussion. I can no longer participate since Tom already blocked me.

He is visibly angered by reactions opposing his view that Julian Assange should take the blame if "innocent" people  are harmed. He usually refers to Chinese Government agents rounding up "innocent" people. This claim is not substantiated by him.

Of course I disagree with him. And you can see how well, decently, I reacted in the discussion. But as I said, he blocked me for not agreeing with him. Several FB acquaintances also received the same treatment from him. He usually utter demeaning words when confronted. One FB friend said this to me after being blocked by Tom.
"You are riqht. He (Tom) is bloody juqmental.. And this is his weak point. Also his eqo is kind of biq and this is second weak point... I challenqed him and he just pushed me away with his arquments. Some kind of serious, but some sounded as " I am ashamed of you, Virqis", "Your logic is as poor as your grasp of science", "your premise is risible..." and etc. Well, these arquments didn't impress me. We are friends now, so you probably may see the development of the discussion, if it may be called a discussion. If you are interested, of course."
Indeed, those kind of words are not impressive for a self-proclaimed libertarian. I now believe, though there is a substantial build-up in his credential as a libertarian, I found him inconsistent with libertarian views regarding Wikileaks', which Julian Assange founded, controversial but heroic move to expose government secrets.

Tom forgot that that the death tolls caused by secretive government operations is far greater that the one he claims "innocent" people brought in harm because of the leaked cables. And who exactly are those "innocent people" he claimed? No proof. He just got a gut feeling and too careless he did not notice himself he is swerving away from the libertarian stand to always keep government activities in check.

Julian Assange is facing extradition to Sweden for a already dead sexual assault case which was just revived after Assange started leaking US secret embassy cables.

I wrote to Tom's Email

Me: I love GOVERNMENT LIES in cables being taken into OPEN. That is why I repeat the subject phrase that you are a libertarian fake and pro-government prick for ridiculing the man who did a real action for FREEDOM. What you have done was just write a book, which I read, talk around the world and expect to achieve difference in decades. Here is a man who can make a difference in a couple of years.Here is a man who doesn't give a shit against government secretive manipulation of civilization. Shame on you too for masking as a true libertarian yet a government apologist. I will march for libertarianism and act like a true libertarian. 

Tom:   Tell you what, go and spend time in a Chinese prison. Then thank the man who made it possible. You are no libertarian. You care nothing for the liberty of other people. Shame on you.

My response:  You probably have a friend or two pick-up by Chinese agents because of the disclosure. I feel sorry for them. But is it not this is a good time to act more aggressively for liberty against governments? So that these unwanted occurrences will not be repeated in the future.Your reasoning is broken. Tell me who do you work for. Certainly not for the thousands or millions of people fallen victim to government secrecy. Shame on you too. You fake libertarian. You no longer holds an authority to brag you are for Truth Liberty and Justice. I am not impressed. Still.....for liberty!

Tom: Whoever the hell you, are, you may cordially take your ugly and offensive views and shove them where the sun doesn't shine.  A libertarian is someone who cares about liberty, not someone who gets excited when a politician or a government is embarrassed.  Releasing the video was heroic, to show what was being done in Iraq.  Deliberately and knowingly and avoidably endangering the freedom of innocent people was not heroic. You seem to be too stupid to understand that.Have a nice life.  Maybe some day you will wake up and realize what an asshole you have been.

My last response:I am sorry. I now rest my case. I was not excited at men getting embarrassed. I got LIFE at times government arrogance is taken down. A libertarian got to be consistent on this view no matter what. I will publish this correspondence and let us see how will people view you now you have blown up your cover. Same to you.Have a nice life.  Maybe some day you will wake up and realize what an asshole you have been. Still...for liberty!!!!

Tom: Have fun in your little world.  But don't confuse yourself by thinking you're a "libertarian." You're not.


Tom is big-headed, whose perverted ego is very palpable, who will resort to childish languages just to shoo away people who don't agree with him.

I love Ron Paul and his liberty message. And maybe not for Tom from now on.

Politician's Survival Guide Against the Threat of SALN and Bank Deposit Disclosures

A thief doesn't want to be caught.
I will get to the point quickly. This is to help corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, ordinary government employees, who are anxious where to keep their loots now that they know they would be next after the Supreme Court Chief Justice was kick-out from his office and was denied all of his retirement benefits.

Here is are the two things you need to know first. The difference of STEALING and HIDING it. Stealing is the act of stealing. Hiding is the act of.....of course. These two have a light-year difference. Just like making lies. It is alright to lie.Getting caught is a different story.

So, it must be clear that our main concern therefore is how to be really good at NOT BEING CAUGHT. This was the problem of the ex-Chief Justice. After he excelled in stealing (alleged), he got caught because he lacks IQ where and how to hide those loots. He wasn't caught while stealing. He was caught after he did it. As a damning consequence, he got kicked-out from office by his fellow public officials who I assume also have their own hideous stories of plunder and lies.

To excel at not being caught is to excel in keeping your loots. Just put in mind the following general novice rules.

1. Never ever feel you are untouchable. The ex-Chief Justice was delusional in thinking the time for payback will never come. He was too relaxed to stash mind-boggling amounts of money (relative to his monthly salary) in bank accounts. Learn from this and avoid being complacent about your current status. Tides change.

2. Don't believe bank secrecy laws are absolute. Swiss banking system was once impenetrable. Philippines' compared to Switzerland's is a joke. So don't believe bank secrecy laws here will save your ass when time comes specially when the Philippine anti-money laundering body can now just sneak to your accounts with so much ease.

3. It is risky to use your own name.  Future asset acquisitions must be put under low-profile names preferably 2nd degree relatives, lovers, or  mistresses. Take note of course that those persons must not be government employees.

In every illegal transaction use proxy. This is no-brainer as those above.

Having in mind those simple general rules, what is next would be suggestions where to keep your easy-earned stolen monies.

1. Off-shore banks. Probably the safest . And can be further enhanced using other low-profile names scattered in various locations.

2. Set-up Charitable Foundations/Churches. This strategy is best appropriate with individuals who plans to evade taxes. But this too can be found helpful for politicians or big time bureaucrats to keep their monies intact plus they could generate lots of profits off donations and grants, tax-free. BIR agents has no mandate to stick their noses in charities and churches. your money is safe behind altars and charities.

3. Keep cash somewhere else. En-cash all electronic cash. Have trusted men to maintain secret warehouses to keep the physical cash much like a secretive amphetamine lab. Yes, it generates no profit as in banks. But hey, don't be too greedy. Interests are peanuts if you can keep your illegal activity in perpetuity.

Use other names. This must be a strict discipline specially on assets bought off monies from bribes and kickbacks.

Senator Chiz Escudero and Senator Jinggoy Estrada proposed bills to strengthen SALN and bypass Foreign Currency Deposit Act supposedly to deter would-be crooks. These two gentlemen might not be aware of the glaring difference of stealing and hiding. Or if they do, they are toying on people's intelligence.

Having the rules (novice rules) I mentioned above, any law would be immaterial. Any SALN would be irrelevant. Any mandate for disclosure would be mockery. Remain as happy thieves folks. Just never ever get caught. If that happens, that would be a whole different story.

I wonder what kind of laws and repeals our intelligent lawmakers would come-up with next time.