Friday, February 15, 2013

Fact: The only Animals on this Planet are Humans


How many times did you hear people in silent pride claiming that "human specie is the highest form of animals"? And how many times did you agree; or have you ever disagreed? To me I automatically disagree with a laugh. Poor humans indeed to ever come-up with such ridiculous self-serving  idea about themselves. 

I disagree that humans are the prima donnas not that humans might be negotiated to another level lower than what was originally claimed. Contrary to the egotistic claim of humans that their specie is the highest form of animal, I categorically say they are not. In fact, people are the ONLY animals on this planet. With this I don't negotiate. Humans belong to the only level it has for itself: the animal level. Humans monopolizes this level. There should be no imposition that all other species belong to this class.

Yes, there are no other animals on this planet. Humans are the only animals on this planet. This doesn't sound like a music to any human's ears. They always prefer the term "human specie is the highest form of animals". Why? Why does the idea that humans are the only animals is so unappealing while the idea that humans being at the top of all animals is pleasing? The reason is perhaps to save themselves from the disgrace created by their acts supposedly imaginable only on all other species they call "lower animals". This is a way to somehow dilute the fact that human beings act no more than like all other species called by them as lower class. Lower class in words but not in deeds. So calling themselves top animals over any other animals somehow saves them from the perfect blow of guilt. 

The only reason that the idea that humans are the top specie of all animals is that they can reason it out perfectly. With all premise in place, the conclusion is establish. Human logic solves it all. But hey, this appears to me as a huge fallacy. Humans being judges of their own case? Reasoning is a man-made brand. With this, with humans being the judge of their own cases, reasoning out to prove the claim is as ridiculous as the claim itself. Always self-serving. 

Meanwhile, pigs don't share prejudice over anything over any other species. Pigs and all other "lower" species don't give a crap. And these lower class of creatures do not agree or disagree to what humans proudly mumble about themselves. 

But I hear the usual argument that pigs are not rational. Crap. How in heaven humans know that pigs are not rational? Of course they are rational - on their own language, the pig language. But they don't call it as such. Only humans call it that way. Never deciphered anything yet. Again, self-serving. Doesn't give much justice to everything. 

Humans is the only specie certain what the word "animal" means, among all other concepts humans use. And they wear it as a badge declaring their authority over all other things (who couldn't care less) on or in  or around this planet. They wear the badge as a proof of them being the "highest form of animals". All other species have no slight hint as to what humans really mean about anything much less animal are aware of any hint or much less aware that they are aware.

What is so good about being on top of the animal kingdom anyway? None. It is an empty concept tied  mainly around arrogance. Humans view they are the leader of this planet. So there is a race to put up campaigns about saving the planet. They claim they have the rational means to act in saving the planet. Really? 

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