Sunday, June 23, 2013

Destiny or Choice. Fuck It.


Much talk had been done about which is which. Destiny or Choice. I am no longer inclined to regurgitate the already expended thoughts of many dead intellectuals only to satisfy no one, even myself.  What I am more interested in is to make a way to arrest further commentaries about which of the two does really matter. Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option. If I would delay the matter, I am only engaging my valuable neural signals to already non-profitable, non-spiritually enriching nonsense of the mind. Yeah, I must accept that in order to do it, I am still using the mind yet paradoxically I am not.

So which is which? My answer is neither of the two. I have one word to describe the seemingly uncombinable thinly thick repulsive membranes of the two concepts. The two are like cousins allergic to each other but  I will smack them together tightly. I would turn those illusory rigid and discrete boundaries  of the two pesky concepts into a colloidal mixture until there is no more telling which one belong to either. As I said there is one word that can do that. When made to take side, I say fuck it. I simply call it STYLE.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

But Who Will Build The Roads?


A popular socialist contention against people who want a lesser government (eg libertarians) and anarchists is: "Who will build the roads?" implying mainly that it is ONLY government that can build roads and thus government is necessary. The question seems comical yet holds a philosophical essence as to the nature and role of government in society.

A simple answer to this is: "Who built the first foot tracks during the early times?". Certainly not government but people out of the natural necessity to do so. 

But why early people did not build roads during those times? The answer is that there is no reason for them to build something that is not yet required by the need to have it. Technology and roads go together. When technology advances, the roads gets wider because it is necessary to be so. The invention of wheels made foot tracks to be widened. The invention of cars need widened foot tracks to be paved.

So who will build roads? The answer is those who feel there is a need for it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Came First? Chicken or Egg


There is no doubt. The problem about existence or the problem of origin of everything can be clamped down into one of the simplest questions of all time: which one came first, chicken or egg? 

Stalemate is the current status of the matter . The unyielding egg camp is yet to yield to the equally unyielding chicken camp. And with the rate by which the intellectual battle goes on, it is sad to say that the future of the discourse is a dead end. The fate of the case in hand will be sealed without satisfaction.

But there is a way out: Question the question. Doubt the question. Away from the usual expectation that an answer can be found to satisfy every question, or every question is expected to yield an answer, a new approach must be introduced if men are that sincere to find the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of existence. The E-question, or existence question, must be dealt with not in a manner like when one needs trivial answers to trivial questions.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Safety Through Gun Registration is Absurd


As a believer of Austrian free-market economics, it is my belief that the main purpose of registration [of any property] is to address the inherent problem brought by economic scarcity of goods. It is to establish who owns what. Registration is an issue related to private property. May it be real estate, cars, business or guns.

Gun registration is never been peculiar with any other property in society. The registration of it must only be a matter of economic principle. And matters concerning safety is of secondary concern, or better yet not relevant at all.

Registered or not, gun can always be used as a means to harm others. So as cars, registered or not; driver with or without license, can cause harm to others if one intends to do so [or when an accident occurs]. Registration never change the intent to harm if such intent exists and pursued.

When people use guns to kill or harm anyone, they did not actually chose guns. What they did was have the easiest means available for them carry out their intent. At early times when metallurgy doesn't yet exist, the easiest means to kill anyone is rope, a hard piece of wood, stones etc. and not guns (obviously because gun was yet to exist).

When safety is the issue, gun registration hardly matters. If safety is the main concern, why not push for a system that maximizes every citizen's chance to have defense for himself or his family?.

Only a stupid robber would rob a bus full of citizens with guns. But since the robber is intelligent, he would then look for victims who are less armed and away from the police, who at most cases always late to arrive at crime scenes.