Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Own a Part of Your Income and Property


What would be MY justification that I own a part of my neighbor's property or income? 

What is the difference between a man who refuses to pay taxes and a man who demands it? It is said that the former, the tax evader, is an evil person. The latter, the tax collector, is considered a public servant. 

The tax evader smuggles goods to get around tax regulations. The tax evader refuses to disclose his actual earnings to minimize taxes. He is called evil. On the other hand, the tax collector demands taxes with a justification that such collection is to fund legislated compassion programs like reproductive health, and subsidized education, and food for the poor. The fund is for the needy. He is called saint. 

As long as society espouses the above idea, everybody must give-up ownership of a portion of his or her income and property to an internal revenue employee. No one must worry a bit because that internal revenue employee is a public servant who can be trusted. 

Anyway, I despise that kind of society. Taxation is a repulsive idea to me. I do not have the smallest belief that anyone has a right to somebody else's income and properties. 
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