Saturday, November 23, 2013

Find Joy in Mocking Your Own Self


The only person I can have all the fun while mocking on how horrible he is is me. This way I can have no pretensions. Honesty is assured. Guilt has no place. Fun is guaranteed. 

People forgot that the most enjoyable things one does are the things he does to himself. With this, there is a little room to lie on facts, to cheat on feelings, to deceive the impression and to make a fake laugh or cry. It is the dwelling with subconsciousness is the juice itself. 

Talking about other people's shortcomings might bring enjoyment but only in a fleeting moment. It doesn't last long. And worst, it only mirrors the worse side of our own self which we continue to be guilty about. It is superficial and it demeans worst not on other people but only unto own self.

The purest expression is the expression to one's own self. Spend the day looking inside and begin loving own self. Only then that it will render anyone the less ability to mock others.

Or maybe, instead of thinking about horrible things, think of all good things. Praise the courage of fellow human beings. Feel every spirit whose will to live is always palpable no matter what.