Friday, February 10, 2012

Am I Nuts? I have no plans sending my kids to college.


College degree will not make everyone rich. This is not false for me. Not few got rich even without a college degree. Not few, too, got their college degrees yet ended-up not getting richer. I am not inclined to say which one I belong. Either of the two is a reality I see everyday.

Though I am as nuts as anyone would think, I am not embarking on a serious plan for my kids on their not-so-distant college days. While others consider going to college as a grand Plan A (or to many the only plan they have), I decided why not go to my grand Plan B instead?

Yes, people don't go to college to be poorer and to be more stupid. At least that what they have been thinking. Parents don't like their kids to become poorer than their neighbors. College degree is important, it increases chances to be employed, have a descent income and, hopefully, be rich. College is not a waste, so college is a must. Eh? That is not at all true for everyone  College may not be a waste of time but college is not a must for everyone. There must be a much more productive way to getting rich than owning a college degree. Becoming a gradeschool teacher or an ordinary bank employee or a grocery clerk is easy but by ending up to one of these professions will likely not get you ahead of the pack.

So what's my Plan B? My Plan B is simply not to take Plan A. Here is how.

At  young age, I would teach my children about the wisdom of Capitalism. Today, I doubt gradeschool and highschool curricula, specially in public schools, include capitalism. and almost no courses teaching children how to be good entrepreneurs are included. No wonder, they are all socialists who follows a socialist curriculum and who by the way graduated from the same socialist school. They were taught the same way and they will teach the same way.  I wouldn't love  letting my kids be identified with groups whose optimum capacities have not reached beyond just memorization of the National Anthem and loyal servants of their government. Good capitalists are no fan of some nationalistic and for-the-sheep old music. All they teach is how one should behave as a good citizens. Slaves. I don't like that.

A short dose of Frederic Bastiat and Ludwig von Mises and of course my hero, Ron Paul would do a lot. And I would encourage my children to treat these wise men as Super Heroes. Of course I wouldn't miss the chance to preach about Super Hero Barack Hussein Obama too. Probably how a big failure he was. I wouldn't even feel the need to mention that he was the first ever black president of USA. It is not as important like those racist white and racist black would want it to be. I will only stress one thing: so much: the importance of liberty and Golden Rule, which by the way self-declared Christian conservative voters in South Carolina stupidly booed when Ron Paul mentioned it referring to USA foreign policy

Then I would teach them the importance of trades, not wars. I would say, trades will keep your family healthy and fellow men alive. Wars would make them and their children dead. Not to mention being made as collateral to unending government debts if they manage to stay alive.

I would teach them that currency is not money. I would let them understand that the biggest counterfeiter is the Central Bank and not some small syndicates with some second-degree counterfeited currencies trying to duplicate the original counterfeit bills issued by the central bank. They will then appreciate Gold and Silver or any metal as the real monies and that they should learn how to treat money with wisdom and prudence.

I would encourage them to learn stocks and must keep 2/3 of their portfolio to physical stock of Gold or Silver or Copper. Not to some volatile paper stocks or bank time deposits. I don't trust bankers at the first place.

I would not send them to a wasteful four years in college just to learn how to conduct feasibility studies for bubble gums or underwear. They can learn it in a five-hour business enhancement courses. I would make them learn how to conduct business in a capitalist way. I would make them appreciate free-market.

However, here is the crucial part, a make or break scenario. I must get myself wealthy first by owning a profitable and strong business. My business would be their learning school. No need for National Anthems in there. I can't see my plan getting any success without it. My plan B would become as ridiculous as it could be. I might opt for Plan A out of desperation at the end, which of course I really don't like.

But the most difficult part I foresee  is how to try really hard to convince my wife to agree with me. The lovely boss has to agree on matters concerning her kids. Not going to college is really a complicated matter in today's norm of the society. Some will call me nuts.

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