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What does Golden Rule exists for?


Who needs the Golden Rule? Certainly not everyone. The Buddha or the enlightened one doesn't need one. Golden Rule is only for those in need of a sticky reminder specially at times of almost intolerable situation, wherein one needs to remind own self to try really hard not to cause ruin to others, both in action and intention, except in self-defense. Willful act of injuring other men or retaliation  is a big no if Golden Rule is to be followed devotedly.

The Buddha no longer needs Golden Rule for himself obviously. There is a simple reason for that.  He already realized  the spontaneity of everything including Golden Rule. Having fully understood the truth of his Being, the Buddha is already free from the struggle of making an effort to abide by the Golden Rule. Interestingly, the Buddha is already the embodiment of the Golden Rule. For him, everything flows not by effort or willful exertion or vigilant self-restraint but everything including love, compassion and respect goes on and on so naturally like a breath. 

However, in contrast, since majority of humans (including me) is yet to uncover the Buddha nature in them, Golden Rule for the time being must exist as an unfailing guideline for people to look upon. Golden Rule must be taken as a constant reminder requiring conscious effort for it to be fulfilled. Though the result may not be comparable that of the Buddha, an honestly exerted adherence to the Golden Rule would in effect be still beneficial in the long run nonetheless. Looking at Golden Rule as a stone-etched guide of one's conduct toward fellow men would be an effective remedy while humans are still incapable of achieving the realization of the Buddha.

But there is one thing that should be understood. Golden Rule is definitely not for the easy things to do. With all the wisdom it carries along, it is never to be used as a redundant prescription for what's already obvious. It doesn't tell anything about "loving back a person who loves you" or "paying respect to a person who respects you". Love begets love easily. Hate begets hate easily. Respect begets respect in no time. These acts are already spontaneous. If someone feels peace with you, you will likely feel the same way so naturally too. In fact, a rule is not needed for that. So as with Golden Rule. It is not required for natural tendencies.

So, what does Golden Rule exist for? It exist for nothing but to emphasize the act of goodwill towards any man..Golden Rule may mean reciprocity but not in terms of giving back according to what you've been getting. It is about doing something that one would have wanted others to do for him even of course at times they are already doing to him the things he don't like. Sacrifice may suggest burden for the mind but that's the very reason why mystics and learned men have emphasized again and again what Golden Rule is all about - to be always ready to apply self-restraint. And by treating others as not separate from one's own self, that everyone belongs to everyone, that "they" or "them" is part of the "I" or "we", will eventually result to what the Buddha have realized-spontaneity of everything. Golden Rule by then will come naturally and constant reminding is no longer needed.
Jesus of Nazareth was recorded to have said "Love your enemies...." I believe that one exemplifies the Golden Rule so well. It's a tall order for any man to follow specially if it's not one of the society's norms. Golden rule exists as a reminder to do do what is apparent to be a hard thing to do: love one's enemies. Enemies are meant to annihilated. But Jesus, whom I consider as an enlightened man, knows why enemies are meant to be loved and he even added, "...and pray for those who persecute you".

Ron Paul, US Congressman
And after more than two centuries since the time of Jesus, an American statesman named Ron Paul is emerging as yet again another great man, as all other notable peaceful men before him, to show strong adherence to the Golden Rule. As a man who have seen the destructive ramification brought upon by America's interventionist foreign policy (meddling with other nations sovereign affairs), he want to change the approach having the Golden Rule as a guide. Of course not a few people have booed him on that. The reaction was expected since loving the enemies (or perceived enemies) is really a difficult thing to do. But Ron Paul understood what is all about. Of course he knew the essence of non-interventionist foreign policy for the world peace. He's been talking about it for decades already.

What to expect from enemies? Enemies behave like enemies no less. That's what they do and that's what they have been known for. They make untoward actions to anyone. The crucial thing in there is how would one react to it? If people mocks someone, treat them back respectfully. If people hates someone, give peace back unconditionally. That's Golden Rule. "One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated." 

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