Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being Poor is Just a Fad, Too


... for me, being poor depends on the collective view where the definition of poverty lies. each society has its own unique scale.

during primitive time, one can be considered rich if he lives in a cave. but when house was invented and became a trend, owning a cave became a subject of ridicule.

...the feeling of being poor, and the apparent inability to cope-up with the current lifestyle and trend, which is of course set primarily by well-off class as propagated by media, are the reasons why one has to work hard or go abroad. It is the desire not to be included in the bracket of society's current classification of poor that one has to really work hard to be able to stand out.

..in economic sense, owing to the palpable gap between the one who can afford luxuries and the one who barely eats 3 times a day, poverty scale can be well understood. however, because eating three times a day, I believe was also a luxury long time ago, I found it interesting to define poverty as just the relative feeling of it. it is just a thought that goes along to what society imposed unto itself as far as the difference between what it calls poor and rich is concerned. 

... because the definition of poverty depends on social trend, the feeling of being poor is much like a fad, too.
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