Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Devil is my Friend


The Outcast
I never had a desire to be holy. But if I do I would do it in a rather unconventional way. Befriend first the one thing that people have thought they hate for ages. THE DEVIL.

Well, I tell you what, loving the devil might be the best thing I can ever do in my life. I have the stomach to do it. I got good guts. If I want holy exemplars, history has lots to show. But they are not the ones I will emulate. I have already chosen the one I think has appeal to me:

There are lots of reason I should have rejected the devil at the first place. But as I see it, it would be unproductive and uninteresting for me to indulge in outright holiness without first tasting what people thought they know a lot but in truth know a little about.

The Devil or Outcast One is the receiving end of all blames why a prostitute kills the fetus inside her; or a central banker cheating people with his fractional reserve system; or a politician paying lip service for things that ought to be done. However, after all what's been said and done, the Outcast One is the less understood one. The Devil is thought to have already been comprehended crystal clear as an unwanted guy and thus needed to be avoided and be cursed. Yet, its nature being cast in the shadows, the Devil at the same time remains as a symptom of people's ignorance on what they are up against with.

Here is the spoiler. The Devil doesn't exists! It doesn't look like you can make a census count of it. You know why? Because the mind is the Devil itself. That is why it is less understood.

Having said that, let me go back to the main topic about how holiness can be attained through the Devil.

Holiness should not come about as a product of an effort to practice it outright everyday. Holiness will  come as an spontaneous effect of a clear understanding of the contrast. And this is why the Devil appropriately enters the scene. It is for me, for no other reason, to know first what is the Devil in order for me to understand what it really means to be holy.

The Devil is simply an idea; an imagination; a contracted interpretation of things collectively known as Undesirables. But 'Undesirables' is just relative to one's own list of Desirables. Meaning, it is a thought. It differs in each individual. The Devil is just a thought. Therefore, when I say "the Devil is my Friend", I mean nothing but just to plainly say I want to befriend my thought; my own imaginations; my own idea and to draw much benefit from it after understanding what it really is. 

Understanding the Devil is not exactly keeping the Devil alive in me and then make it a hobby to keep screwing others. Rather in a wise manner it only means understanding my own mind; my own interpretation and then make it a tool for a spontaneous act of compassion or love. 

Along the way, the Devil doesn't exist as a separate scumbag. On a wider understanding, it is a friendly companion, an inseparable aspect of the whole understanding that there can never be Holy without the Devil. 
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