Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who Likes Wrong Moments?


There is only Now
As opposed to the common definition of "right moment", "wrong moment" is a term to mean you really want the right moment.

Nobody seems to really like when the timing of a circumstance is off. Always wanting to have the moment of own convenience. But what if wrong moments indeed come, and in truth come more often? What you're going to do about it?

The truth is that there is a trick. The shocker that there are no wrong moments. That's it. Wait. But how come? Come to think for a while. Your wrong moment is just your own personal feeling about what is happening. Ask any person around and your wrong moment is as unique as their own wrong moment (or right moment) at that moment. In short, everything is mental. And since this is just in the mind, there is no truth to it unless you cling to it. There is no wrong moment (nor right moment). There is only the moment whether you see it as wrong or as right.

Now your dismissive reaction, what's the use? Well, there is no use. But that's the cheese. Recognizing that the present moment has no use, no desire, choiceless, or not wanting out of prejudice of anything is a freeing feeling. There is no moment you can call your own.

Hey, but this sounds like a good excuse to screw everybody else and get away with it scot-free. Maybe. But  wait. You missed the thing you are being taught about. That there are no wrong and no right moments for everybody else TOO. Remember? And you know what that means in case you want to to pursue your plans against others.

So having said that what exists only is this moment (and this includes ALL of your prejudices around it), there are two things you need to understand and dig about it deeper into your heart. 1.) There is only the Moment. 2.) You don't own a single moment. The moment owns you.

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