Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eureka! They Found the Testicle (God) Particle


Higgs Boson might have been finally found. This is the particle better known as the God Particle.

Higgs Boson or God Particle is known to be the last particle to fit the puzzle how universe started. This is the particle associated with mass or the sense of weight and can be called the gravity particle.

Now scientists say they might have finally found it. Well, good. But you know what, this post yet another problem for them. For sure, one way or another, a bigger question would arise out of the discovery of  Higgs Boson. My best guess is: What does Higgs Boson made of? Sounds so ridiculous is it not? I will wait and see.

But in my own terms, I can't refuse to call God Particle in most practical term I can come up with: The Testicle Particle. I agree it is not as sophisticated as it sounds. But I believe God Particle is the same particle my testicles are made of. If it's not then why my testicles dangle downward at the force of gravity? There is only one answer to that. My testicles must be made up of God Particles. Higgs Boson is what's contained in my scrotum.

Well, seriously, I am happy that humans of my own specie are reaping off the fruits of their tenacity to find where they came from. This only shows humans want to settle for good and hope to cast aside the stubborn problem of creation. I know what is in the head, consciously and subconsciously. That every humans aim is to be happy. Happiness is what motivates every struggle, is it not? And this includes finding what we really are. The Reality.

Happiness is the essence of Life. Nothing brings it perfectly than a man knowing what he is or what reality is. So good luck. The Buddha already pointed out what is it. The scientist just opted to look for it in another way. I am confident man would arrive, after so much scientific experiments, at the place the Buddha had thought for ages.
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