Sunday, September 2, 2012

What is I Am Practice by Ramana Maharshi?


The great Hindu Sage Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi taught about the practice of I Am. But many followers were asking, and many seekers even today, ask what is this I Am practice Ramana was talking about. It seems I am is very difficult to grasp. For if it easy, the realization will come so easily.

The main purpose of I Am is to know the thing every seeker is wishing to have: the Reality. At first it is honestly not easy to grasp what Ramana meant with I Am practice. He said remain in I Am and if one is ardent in this, he will understand who or what he is. But seekers are at lost what this I Am is all about. What kind of idea is it? How to implement it? How to begin it?

Reality can be known through I Am. There is one short explanation of this I Am which beginners could start from. I Am is simply a feeling. How is that? Being aware that you are here reading this piece is an I Am feeling. I Am is the the feeling that you exist. You can begin from this inherent sense that you do not don't exist. Whenever you are aware there is a feeling of existence amidst everything happening around. That is the I Am feeling.

You are never not aware. This is I Am feeling. Remaining in it will bring the understanding who you are. You are the unconditional bliss. Nothing more. But you need to know and verify it yourself. It can be done through the practice of I am.

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  1. Still wondering what is this feeling of existense?
    - Palani

    1. simply like when you're locked in a very dark box that no glare of light can enter. you can't see yourself or anything. but you can feel that you are there. that feeling is the feeling that you exists.

      how are you now by the way?

  2. LIES OF RAMANA MAHARSHI AND HIS ADVAITIC TEACHING Maharshi tells you that he is a bhagavan and a jnani but he sends people to hell and homosexually rapes them there . So in reality, he is the Devil. According to this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana Maharshi is an extremely powerful dark god, ancient enlightened divine beast and monster who came to our planet from the low levels of consciousness which contain darkness, death, lies and sufferings. Maharshi was respected by all demons in his world as he was the strongest and evil. Нe ruled his world and dominated over other creatures by the means of violence, fear, homosexual rape in astral body, castration and physical elimination. Maharshi covered our planet with a thick layer of darkness and death thousands of years ago, he occupied the Earth and enslaved humanity by putting it into vitalic and mental cell. Maharshi and his Ganesha rule this world. Maharshi in consciousness, Ganesha in divine energy body. Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad ,in another words he called himself the God-Devil in advaitic tradition, but his specialization is totally devilish. Ramana used to say: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. So next time when you see people suffering and dying it is Maharshi who manifests himself with the help of his Ganesha. They have manipulated and killed your relatives and friends and one day they will kill you too. Ramana Maharshi tells you that you are perfect and divine. But you are not perfect and you know this. Your consciousness is dark, full of emotions, desires and thoughts, you do not feel that you have a divine energy body and realize that you need to work hard with the help of your enlightened guru to evolve.Maharshi tells you that he can enlighten you. In reality, Ramana could enlighten about 40 people out of 5 billion humans, because he had to burn the sins of his student and it is really hard, without this a spiritual heart centre of a candidate will not open as it is covered by the thick layer of darkness and death which Maharshi controls. If Ramana attempted to enlighten an average human being he would certainly fail to do it,if the candidate had slightly more sins than Ramana was able to burn, Maharshi would die of cancer. When Ramana saw a wrong candidate, who came to his ashram he ignored him by being silent, not answering his spiritual questions, reading anecdotes, chopping vegetables, etc. If it did not work, Ramana pretended to be a jerk and disrespectful person, he started hating this wicked candidate and he felt tension and discomfort in Ramana’s presence. When hundreds of wrong candidates told him: “Give me full enlightenment” .Ramana answered : “You are not ready to take it” .If a candidate told him : “ I am ready”, Maharshi said : “Do not argue with the master, go away” .Ramana thought to himself: “I do not want to waste my time on you, you will never be en-lightened, I do not care, wicked man. I do not want to die of cancer after taking your sins”. Maharshi tells you in his books that you are free, but in reality you a prisoner in a mental and vitalic cell that Maharshi and Ganesha created, divine nature cannot manifest in you without the help of an enlightened guru. You realize that you are manipulated by outer circumstances of your life, your social status, government and inner processes in your mind-thoughts, feelings, emotions.

    1. hahaha. you served as a contrast. and it is so magnificent. thank you.

    Sri Aurobindo told that Ramana Maharshi was not fully enlightened as he was dominated by vitalic plane of consciousness, i.e. feelings and desires, so Ramana was evil, self-obsessed, emotional inside. Despite this Maharshi managed to partly enlighten about 40 students, his enlightenment included vitalic plane of consciousness, Ramana was not able to provide full supramental enlightenment to his followers. Maharshi strictly prohibited integral yoga in his sect , partly enlightened sect members had to give a vow to Ramana not to practice integral yoga. In case of breaking their vow, the sect members are raped and astrally castrated by Arunachala Shiva Ramana Maharshi. Moreover Maharshi threatened to castrate or damage testicles of traitors of Arunachala Ramana - integral yogis by astral attacks and some integral yogis have suffered from such attacks so far. Maharshi deeply hated Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Satprem and all other integral yogis, especially the ones who specialized in divine energy body because they challenged him and wanted him to lose his power over the Earth. Ramana has homosexually harassed integral yogis in mind to humiliate and discourage them from purna yoga. Some integral yogis were raped by Maharshi in astral body on distance and declared “suckers”, some were made obsessed with the Devil (Maharshi) or sent to a psychiatric clinic. That is why integral yogis are strongly recommended not to go to Ramanashram -psycho attack is highly likely.
    “RAMANA MAHARSHI is a mystic of the highest quality, but a master of the lowest quality”.OSHO ( Sermons in Stones, Chapter 1).When Poonja met Ramana Maharshi and asked him, "Have you seen God?" Maharshi replied ..... Papaji: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. Somehow Ramana Maharishi was attracted by the dark side of the force when he got enlightened and decided to work as the Dark God . Ramana usurped the power over the consciousness of our planet, got united with it and became a scary black chasm full of warm and alluring diminutive white spots of light unlike Christian and Krishnaite masters, who have white light in their consciousness. Ramana Maharishi used to say: “You cannot imagine how bad I can be -- hardly a human being…”

  4. TESTIMONIALS OF EX- FOLLOWERS OF RAMANA MAHARSHI S. Maheshkumar, ex-devotee of Maharshi wrote: “the utmost unfortunate incident in my life had been the influence of Ramana and his confusion prone contradictory teachings. I had wasted more than a quarter of a century from 1982 to 2008 in dabbling with the preachings of Ramana. I would have been continuing like that as a Ramana-maniac or shortly Ramaniac but recently I was relieved of the devil as a result of the precarious and vicarious attitudes of the people belonging to Ramana’s younger brother’s family who runs the ashram called Ramanasramam as well as some of the parasites of Ramana’s family ashram along with the past and present Ramaniacs.” S. Maheshkumar asks a question. Why do many ardent devotees leave Ramana? The list includes the English biographer of Ramana, B. V. Narasimha Swami, who later changed camps and popularized Shirdi Sai Baba by founding the All India Shirdi Sai Baba Samaj, even Paul Brunton cast aside Ramana and clung to his original faith during his last days, the Paramacharya of Kanchi who had earlier guided Paul Brunton to Ramana objected later when a miniature Arunachaleswarar shrine was built on the samadhi of Ramana’s mother, … so on. There were mints of faux pas of Ramana that explain the prevalent collapse of his stature. First, he started as a truant by escaping from his mundane responsibilities to Tiruvannamalai when his elder brother out of concern asked him to concentrate in studies and partake along with him to raise their fatherless family. Just like a person who thought he had escaped successfully forever from his household duties by living in a secluded orphanage was forced not only to look after his mundane needs but also to care for his fellow dwellers in the asylum in a larger scale.
    From beggar to bhagavan, Ramana’s career flourished into fame and affluence acquiring an ashram of assets that in the end he even wrote a will of properties in favour of his younger brother’s lineages that led not to Ramanasramam but to Ramana’s family ashramam. About Ramana’s fake death experiences, which he claimed had burnt his ego completely, there were plenty of incidents that expose his monstrous and mighty ego which had grown untamed to gorgeous proportions. When a dog chased aggressively a squirrel and passed by the side of strolling Ramana in his mid. sixties with his attendants, he shouted “dhushta” and threw his walking stick over the dog in defence of the fleeing squirrel and fell down resulting in bone injury. This was one of the innumerable instances revealing Ramana’s undestroyed ego.

  5. Khurram, another ex-follower of Ramana Maharshi came to the conclusion that Ramana’s theory was wrong after suffering chronic and severe detriment to all aspects of life for some years of the adherence to the sect of Maharshi which was thankfully relieved after dropping the sect.
    Khurram says “I practised it for years and it led me nowhere except to self deni-al/dissociation/suppression of life depression suicide and covert mind control by Ramana's autocratic spirit ( enlightened/no ego eh?!).”
    So the whole premise i.e.the annihilation of the ego is faulty..My own built-in inner guide/daemon showed me on the contrary that embracing the ego and aligning' it to & making it transparent to its source through Grace is much better gentler and wholesome...that's when the violent & sexually humiliating psychic attacks began from "Ramana the Angelhater"!!!I'm so glad I got out of that trap a lot of my health and creativity has returned but not without a struggle..
    Some yogis completely agree with ex-followers of Ramana’s sect S. Maheshkumar and Khurram. Ramana Maharshi has the biggest enlightened ego in the world, he is the creator of all human egos and the source of all evil. Only partly enlightened members of the sect of Ramana Maharshi who communicate with him telephatically know that he is an evil enlightened monster, the dark god, they are greatly afraid to challenge his authority. They must obey to his will, otherwise almighty Ramana can rape them and declare “suckers” or castrate for betrayal or punish in another way even now by astral attack, make them disabled people or send them to a psychiatric clinic to die, then torture them in the other world, reincarnate them and make them suffer in their next life.

  6. THE PROOF THAT RAMANA MAHARSHI IS THE DEVIL (ESOTERIC HYPOTHESIS)1.Sri Ramana Maharshi declared him Shiva and thought that he was superior to all gods. As we know, Shiva as the god of destruction and Ganesha perform a lot of functions attributed to the Satan in Christianity, but Shiva is considered a fair god in Hinduism. Maharshi talked to some believers instead of the icons of Shiva, Krishna, Dattatreya and other gods and did not respect anyone.
    2. Some yogis believe that Sri Ramana Maharshi was omnipotent, he had supernatural powers and used magic violence to solve conflicts, he could read thoughts of other people and predict the future events accurately. Together with his Ganesha he caused earthquakes and other natural disasters ,influenced the weather, globally manipulated people by sending them desires, feelings, emotions, fixed ideas and thoughts, he formed their opinion about themselves and others and their attitude to life. First, he created events in his consciousness, then they miraculously happened in our real world. Maharshi ordered his Ganesha to make some people obsessed with the devil. Some people he did not like felt tensed in his presence, he was lucky as the devil even as a child and almost always won in games, he had no guru and became enlightened at the very young age of 16 and united with the dark consciousness of our planet , he became this darkness with little spots of light himself.
    3. Some yogis think that Sri Ramana Maharshi was a very proud , insidious, cunning, self-obsessed and complacent narcissist, a vindictive and dominant master who was probably suffering from a mental disorder- psychopathy. In his mind Ramana was a violator, a latent homosexual and a totally reserved sociopath ,who lost his human ability to speak for some years due to some of his insecure enlightenment techniques he applied to himself, he often fell into extremely deep trance to usurp and then increase his power in the consciousness of our planet, defeat his enemies on distance in any part of the world. Ramana could make some people suffer for years, did not feel sorry for them and might not forgive them. Maharshi as the Devil did, enjoyed appearing in other people’s houses as a spirit and invited some top students to join his sect and become his followers without spending any time and money on train tickets. In majority of cases, he came to his future enlightened disciples as a spirit, not they. As a spirit he searched for advanced followers in all parts of the world, impudently led away devotees from other gurus and as a rule his prominent enlightened servants did not stop working for him. Ramana Maharshi enjoyed dominating, used psycho attacks against people who suited him as spiritually developed candidates, but did not want to be his disciples and refused to work for him after his satsangs. Moreover, he was using destructive subconscious techniques combined with homosexual violence, and humiliation to influence the mind of his enemies and the people he hated, wanted to punish or terminate. Maharshi and his Ganesha were professional in non-contact fight on distance and were able to harm people in any part of the world , threatened some people to astrally humiliate, rape , castrate ,blind or kill them. They broke into houses of some victims as spirits, phantoms, ghosts. Maharshi used the shadow of a standing jackal man as the symbol of his dark side to make some victims feel terrified at night.

  7. THE PROOF THAT RAMANA MAHARSHI IS THE DEVIL (ESOTERIC HYPOTHESIS)4. Other enlightened gurus, who knew the truth, were really afraid of Ramana Maharshi. In case of conflict, Maharshi chased them as a spirit (demon) , some dark energy materialized behind their backs and threatened them telephaticaly, if they did not want to obey he used violence as he was the strongest and omnipresent. Some integral yogis said that Ramana Maharshi was the Devil, the head of the evil powers who attacked them all their lives.
    5. Maharshi normally did not respect other people and their will, he did not love them as Jesus Christ, he put his own interests over the interests of other people. Ramana did not want to help people, his only goal was to develop his sect, ashram and to find some sophisticated spiritually developed disciples who he could turn into partly enlightened clones of Maharshi in terms of consciousness with dark energy inside their hearts and souls, a black chasm full of alluring diminutive white spots of light. His enlightened students were controlled by Maharishi and obeyed to his will. He telephaticaly told them what to do , where to go every day, they almost did not think and slept about 3-6 hours a day. Maharishi was talented and enlightened more than 40 followers.
    6. Some yogis think that Maharshi hits the earth with meteorites and shakes it by earthquakes on special occasions by using his magic powers. In traditions of magic, when a powerful witch dies, the earth shakes. It happened so in Ramana’s case. At the moment of his death a meteorite hit India. It confirms that Maharshi was powerful and evil.
    7. The members of Maharshi’s sect are idolaters. There is a big statue of Maharshi in his ashram in Tiruvannamalai near Arunachala hill (India) . The statue of Maharshi is said to possess supernatural powers and some followers received short –term enlightenment experiences in front of this idol. They lost their individuality for a moment when a dark chasm of energy with diminuitive spots of light penetrated into their hearts and souls. Some followers did not sleep and eat after this experience for 2 days or so. That is why the members of Maharshi’s sect worship this statue and prey to it as their god.

      Ramana .Maharshi is enlightened predominantly in consciousness on vitalic and divine level, Sri Aurobindo is enlightened in supramental consciousness and much less in divine supramental body of energy. Maharishi is enlightened from the inside, Aurobindo from the outside. In order to enlighten someone you need to destroy his sins first. Maharishi simply took the sins of his student and burned them together with his Ganesha. Unfortunately there were about 40 almost sinless candidates out of 6 billion humans eligible for enlightenment by Maharshi. If Ramana tried to enlighten an average human being , he would fail to do it or would die of cancer himself because of the sins of this person.
      Aurobindo and the Mother burned their sins by using supramental energy, which is the most powerful on our planet, more powerful than the energy of “I “ of Maharshi. Then this supramental energy enlightened their students day by day. Maharishi opened his heart centre from the inside, then it spread like a lotus and opened a chakra in his head. Aurobindo attracted supramental energy from above for the first time in history, it enlightened his head first ,then heart, and then the whole body. So , Aurobindo and the Mother are enlightened both in their body made of supramental energy and their consciousness. Maharishi is enlightened only in his consciousness which is black with little spots of light, he is not a master of energy body .Ramana is under strong influence of vitalic plane, that is why he is evil and emotional. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother irradiate the dark consciousness of our planet in which Ramana lives with dazzling white supramental energy and Ramana is put under enormous pressure and feels stressed because of this, he suffers like the Devil radiated by the holy spirit. That is why Ramana is against integral yogis. He attacks them, attempts to stop them, at times harms and even terminates them. According to some yogis, the plan of Ramana is to partly enlighten and save about 20-40 students (his sect members and allies) but destroy our civilization completely in the future when there will be too many people, immorality, lack of food, housing and jobs, polluted environment, not enough natural resourses and horrendous conditions for humans by AIDS, HIV, horrible mass epidemics, sterility and other deceases, hi-tech weapons, powerful natural disasters and finally the Flood. Then Ramana as the Devil in the consciousness of our planet plans to start human civilization from the Stone age or something like this with primitive unenlightened people-homo sapiens one more time. The plan of Aurobindo and the Mother - is to kill all bad people by supramental energy which will descend from the sky in the future at once, and they said that more than 100 000 people, possibly a million will survive in this supramental attack and will be enlightened in body. They will be angel- like people with white auras without physical bodies. These supramental people will be able to live without money, sex, petrol, cars, jobs and flats. They will be free, divine and happy. The Earth will be totally transformed-trees and animals will die because they will no longer be needed by supramental humans.

    In accordance with this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana Maharshi and Ganesha created Hitler who was their devotee and unleashed World War 2. At this time the level of consciousness of humanity was the lowest in history. Maharshi called Hitler a jnani like himself because he served to Ramana and Ganesha. Both Ramana and Hitler had latent homosexual inclinations and both were hysterical sociopaths -Hitler when he heard about Jews, Slavic nations and Stalin and Maharshi when he heard about integral yogis-Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Satprem. Maharshi and Ganesha introduced themselves to Hitler as the Lord of the Nations. Hitler was consulted by Maharshi and his Ganesha and they appeared as demons in his residence to give him some advice on how to kill more people and fulfil devilish plans. Stalin was mainly manipulated by Maharshi and Hitler was mainly ma-nipulated by Ganesha to prevent overpopulation of our planet by the means of war, illness, suffering and starvation. Together they killed and humiliated millions of people. Unfortunately for Maharshi, an integral yogi the Mother appeared as this demon in Hitler’s office instead of Ramana and Ganesha and gave him a wrong advice to attack Russia. Hitler, who always listened to the Devil, followed this advice and lost the war. Disappointed Lord of the Nations came to the ashram of the Mother and Aurobindo to attack her but did nothing to her.

    There is some evidence in his books and writings about him that Ramana could probably have some visual and auditory hallucinations and a number of delirious ideas he was obsessed with. Perhaps, Maharshi was antisocial, did not care about the public, was very proud , insidious, cunning, self-obsessed and complacent narcissist, a vindictive, dominant and a totally reserved sociopath and Shivaite number 1.
    Unfortunately , someone has to work as the Devil, unfortunately this someone has to be an enlightened master, Shivaite and the most evil and angry bhagavan. Ramana Maharshi got this job, because he was a suitable candidate, he was and still is dominated by vitalic plane of consciousness, he can generate enormous amounts of anger, fear, and hatred. That is why Aurobindo said that Ramana was not completely enlightened. In another words , Maharshi is much more psychopathic ,proud, self-obsessed, evil and dangerous than an average unenlightened human being. Do we really need such enlightened devils? Two of them-Maharshi and Ganesha have already fooled the humanity and made the whole planet suffer. Usually, when Ramana saw an integral yogi, he wanted to terminate him or humiliate him and ruin his life. That is why Ramana Maharshi is the Devil-God in consciousness of our planet and his co-master Ganesha who he enlightened is the Devil-God in energy body. Of course, Maharshi is against integral yoga, it is a problem number 1 for him, he hates integral yogis. If integral yogis win, he will lose his power over humanity. Maharshi and his Ganesha would not be able to fool and manipulate people anymore. Somehow two superdevils were created to stop supramental invasion and integral yogis. Maharshi never wrote that he was the devil, it was a secret to the public, only some enlightened masters, including integral yogis who he attacked knew the truth about him, but Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad, in another words he called himself the God-Devil, but his specialization was totally devilish. Ramana Maharshi , as the representative of the dark side of the force, of the old dark obsolete consciousness of our planet fought and still fights with integral yogis, the representatives of the light and new supramental side of the force.

  10. INTEGRAL YOGIS SUFFER FROM ATTACKS OF RAMANA MAHARSHI AND HIS GANESHA( 2 ) The color of Ramana’s consciousness is black with diminuitive spots of light. The color of consciousness of the founder of integral yoga is dazzling white. They lived in the same epoch, Ramana Maharshi with his Ganesha attacked the founder of integral yoga all his life, they created and sent asuras or demons to stop him, they put pressure on him, frightened him, terrorized him, tried to fool him , blackmailed him, but did not defeat him. Ramana Maharshi left his body on the 14th April 1950, got totally united with the consciousness of our platet, which is covered by darkness , evil and death and started usurping power over it. After seeing this, the founder of integral yoga realized that Maharishi gets stronger and stronger and that he could block supramental energy and it would be very difficult to defeat Maharshi in the future. That is why the founder of integral yoga had to leave his physical body on the 5th December 1950 and start struggling with Ramana Maharshi in the consciousness of our planet.

    Some masters believe that Ramana Maharshi and his Ganesha still attack integral yogis. Maharshi and his Ganesha make some integral yogis, especially beginners , inexperienced and dangerous ones obsessed with the devil or insane, they put psychological and physical pressure on them, irradiate them with bad energy that makes them suffer, send them scary thoughts and images, emotions, desires to block the flow of supramental energy, talk to them telephatically as demons, come to their houses as evil spirits, at times homosexually rape some of integral yogis in mind and even in astral body (integral yogis declared ‘suckers’ by Maharshi) to humiliate them, blackmail them, violate and limit their human rights, make them feel fear and even in some cases, make them feel neurologic pain, damage their genitals and other parts of the body by magical and other means, which can lead to their castration and can encourage them to commit suicide, in some cases Ramana Maharshi and Ganesha attempt to assassinate integral yogis or create difficult circumstances for their lives. Thanks to the Devil Ramana Maharshi some integral yogis end up in a psychiatric clinic or die.