Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We All Want to be Happy


Just be.
Objects of consumption can't be marketed without exploiting the human's idea of pleasure, contentment, and happiness. The element of improved well-being always comes in. To buy the product, people must be enticed to believe that the product they are about to buy is a well-packaged pleasure and happiness. People would not pay attention without the anticipated satisfaction upon consumption.

The nature of men is often baffling yet the reason behind it is very simple: all men wanted to be happy. Who would want to live in misery? The lingering dissatisfaction drives a man to act for good for himself. The sense of incompleteness pushes a man not to be idle in pursuing what might bring him pleasure or what might end his misery. That woman craving for beautifully crafted clothes, that child wanting his favorite ice cream, that neighbor who is about to hang himself to death, that rich old man who is about to pay for a young lady he can have sex with tonight and that evil dictator committing genocide to keep his power are all manifestations that men wanted to be happy. All men wanted to make themselves feel complete. 

Our nature is to be happy. However, humans are trapped in the idea that happiness can be achieved through the satisfaction of desires. So they try to acquire anything they think can give them what they want and then live happily ever after with it. But that is impossible. The fulfillment of desires may bring a sense of completeness but that ends sooner or later. To be totally happy, the only way is to realize that anything gained will only last in a short while.

True happiness can't reside on or in anything. What was gained will be lost. What was acquired will be dissolved. What was born will meet death soon. Happiness can't even reside in anyone. How can then true happiness stay? True happiness can only stay when it is realized that we are happiness itself. That is why it can't even reside in us because it is already us. The thought of incompleteness may persists but it is only in and by the mind. Without the mind struggling what happiness ought to be, there would be total happiness. True happiness is not even the idea of absence of sadness. It is beyond the idea of happiness. We are beyond the mind.

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