Monday, November 26, 2012

Spirituality Junk Shop


There must be something to do to be enlightened. So goes the commanding order. And without persistence, the adventurer will never realize the end, whatever that end maybe. And there should be no excuse at not finding what is sought for. There are tons of resources pertaining to spirituality. 

First, there is this tempting idea what enlightenment feels like. Next is to look for materials that is hoped to confirm such idea, and the unwavering practice enlightened is achieved.. Books, mantras, chakras, yoga, meditation, breathing, kundalini, postures, diet, ambiance, frequencies, retreats, satsangs, music, mysticism, Zen, and koans,  Name them all. All these are necessary to achieve what everyone has tried achieving for many years. Enlightenment. 

But hey, after so many years of thousand mantras, volumes of books, energy alignment instructions, penitence, chakra activation, kundalini awakening instructions and a lot more, did it bring anyone closer to the 'thing'? 

The truth is that all these are trickery. When the alarm clock goes off, you will still need to comeback to what you usually do. Thinking. Worries. Anxieties. What happened to the persistent practice now? After lots of promises there is nothing to be hopeful about. Frustrations after frustrations. As is as it was, full of raging craps in the head. 

Have paid a lot to visit to the shop only to find out nothing and go out empty-handed after. Nothing in there to carry for home. All are junks full of junkies. Just a repository colorful trickery of the mind.

But it has to be scouted nonetheless. The spirituality junk shop must be visited. What is necessary is to come back. And coming back will bring the understanding that it is as it is. Because the 'thing' has never been away for an inch or for a second.
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