Monday, February 20, 2012

Ron Paul (How I came to love this old gentleman...)

If I am made to choose between a hot woman and Ron Paul, I might grab that woman first. Why can't I? For a short-term, say for a 5-second glorious orgasm, I couldn’t possibly ignore nature. But if I have to consider the noblest thing I could ever do, that would be to remain as a Ron Paul fan in my lifetime.

Since I begun conscious of the existence of Ron Paul, my life was in it at every turn. I’ve been planning to write my own complete story how I and Ron met when it dawned to me how I am being enormously affected by him. However, there is a minor problem right now: I just couldn’t remember much of the details how it all begun. This gave me headache at nights when I had the urge to write about it yet was so desperate I couldn’t get clear picture of early memories about Ron Paul.  I love Ron Paul and I feel somehow guilty I can’t even remember how he was unfolded to me.