Friday, October 26, 2012

What you are looking for is what is looking.


St Francis of Assisi said, "What you are looking for is what is looking." It could mean different to a lot of people. Example, for a Christian whose belief is on monotheism, the statement would mean a pious understanding that god is looking after his creation and there should be no cause of worry at the part of his creatures. However, for a mystic, the words embodies a wider understanding of reality, wherein the Truth can't be ascribed from what we are trying to grasp. 

When we try to look for something missing, say a pen, we imagine the pen must be somewhere else apart from us and hidden from our sight. Apparently, in trying to find the pen we always have the notion of: 

                     1. the individual seeking the pen
                     2. the pen
                     3. the act of seeking the pen

And we might find the pen after a while and we call the seeking over. The notion of seeking (having the seeker or subject, the object being sought, and the act of seeking) is strongly in our heads as a necessary connection to implement the seeking successfully. Then we apply this seemingly effective strategy in looking for the thing we call the Truth. We have the Seeker, the Seeking and the Truth. And then we hope the Truth can be finally revealed just as the pen was successfully located.

Ain't happening that way......

Going back to what St Francis said, the same can be reworded to say, "What you've seeking for is already where you're seeking from". Having said this, the words simply mean that the Truth we are seeking is not somewhere out there. The Truth is already at the location and time where we are seeking from. The Here and Now. The Truth is no other than the presence felt and not the imagined object apart from what is already is at the very instance of every looking.

So, when we say we are the Seeker Seeking the Truth, the very same conception is the culprit of it all.  The Truth can only be revealed if we cease on our earnest seeking. There is no other moment other than the sense of now-ness. The Seeker, Seeking and Truth is just one. Everything else is just a concept.