Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seek the Fun in Gloomy Doom


The thought of hitting the end of the road struck me lately. Sooner or later I am dead. There is a taste of loneliness prevailing the feeling that someday everything will be gone. In a blink of an eye, like a puff of smoke, everything that I possess will cease to be mine. The passion of living will come to an end. The ultimate endgame would soon swallow me whole.

Mr. Death never needs my permission. He comes when he comes. My time is up when my time is up. But I hope he comes to me swiftly.  I am not really afraid of death. Dying is what makes me hesitant to give-in even in my imagination. That is why I really hope death comes to me quick. 

Carl Jung on his pioneering works in psychology had emphasized the importance of understanding the Shadow. He said that one can never understand the Substance as long as one denies the counterpart of it which he called the Shadow. These two opposites go together all the time, so as life and death. One embraces life, one embraces death also.

Most would feel Death as a foe, an uncompromising foe. No one can give excuses like when one wants to postpone an appointment with a peer. Death keeps his schedule rigid and unalterable. When time is up, time is up.

Dissolution is what one is afraid of. No one wants to be separated from what they've conditioned to enjoy. Family, daughters and sons, wife, lovers, friends, job, social status, power, riches, beauty, sex, and orgasm. Everyone fears to cease existing, afraid of halting the palpable human existence. Death is to be avoided at all cost. Obviously, it is impossible.

Running away from death is futile. Humans knew it. But they develop the culture of trying to stop death from coming. But there is a lifetime of opportunity to understand what death is. If one comes to an understanding that death is no more than just like the moment before one is born, the fear would dissolve slowly. What remains is the joy of living the current moment and a relaxing feeling going on with the flow.

Death is never been a problem. The way people deal with it is.

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