Friday, February 8, 2013

What Atheist and Creationist Have in Common?


How did it begin?
Evolution is logical. Creation is logical too as to the idea that an "uncaused cause" must be necessary to answer the problem of who started everything.

However, though creationism and evolution is not compatible with each other, the former relying on a deity to solve the puzzle, the latter encounters the same problem of how everything really started. In fact they share the same absurd focal problem; the BEGINNING of the START.

Evolution, as it traces back the origin of everything, relies on the idea of regression - that everything started from simplest form of matter and took billions of years to develop. However, problem arises because regression has to be infinite. From matter to molecules to atoms to electrons proton to much elementary particles to strings to what have you.

Atheists who believe in evolution ridicules the creationists who say God created universe. But as I see it atheists hold in them the same degree of absurdity. Is it not equally ridiculous to believe in infinite regression? Infinite regression is a scientified form of startless start, exactly the same odor with that of the God-idea pushed by creationists. 

Both evolutionist and creationist share the same absurdity: how did everything really start? Obviously, these two factions, though opposing, only fall back to same smell of faith: creationist's faith in  God, and evolutionist faith in the infinite regression.

In both concepts FAITH is to be invoked since, as to the former, infinite regression is inconceivable infinitely and the latter's uncaused cause is absurd.

But it seems everything can be solved when you find the answer to the question: WHO IS ASKING?
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