Friday, November 29, 2013

Tax Evasion is Not a Crime. Simply a Refusal to Share Wealth


If aliens from outer space were to visit us today, there would be a lot of frenzy. It would be expected as such because it is an extraordinary event. But then if such alien visit has to happen regularly and supposing they're here to stay, what happens next is that people will get used to aliens. The alien event will no longer be as extraordinary as the first time.

When something is already going on for a long time, humans will tend become at ease with it. The thing will be treated just as normal and typical.

Same with taxation. At the early times of civilizations, the idea of taxation as imposed unto the members of a society must have been an alien idea to all people. That is why even a minuscule rate imposed could result into a revolt. But then as the society rolls on, taxation became one of the typical stuffs in daily social life. People contend that such system is necessary and that paying taxes is an absolute duty of every individual.  

Taxation begun as a repugnant idea. But it did not remain as such through times. People got used to taxation already for a long time and they now thought it is already normal. People, over time, got used to it. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Own a Part of Your Income and Property


What would be MY justification that I own a part of my neighbor's property or income? 

What is the difference between a man who refuses to pay taxes and a man who demands it? It is said that the former, the tax evader, is an evil person. The latter, the tax collector, is considered a public servant. 

The tax evader smuggles goods to get around tax regulations. The tax evader refuses to disclose his actual earnings to minimize taxes. He is called evil. On the other hand, the tax collector demands taxes with a justification that such collection is to fund legislated compassion programs like reproductive health, and subsidized education, and food for the poor. The fund is for the needy. He is called saint. 

As long as society espouses the above idea, everybody must give-up ownership of a portion of his or her income and property to an internal revenue employee. No one must worry a bit because that internal revenue employee is a public servant who can be trusted. 

Anyway, I despise that kind of society. Taxation is a repulsive idea to me. I do not have the smallest belief that anyone has a right to somebody else's income and properties. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Find Joy in Mocking Your Own Self


The only person I can have all the fun while mocking on how horrible he is is me. This way I can have no pretensions. Honesty is assured. Guilt has no place. Fun is guaranteed. 

People forgot that the most enjoyable things one does are the things he does to himself. With this, there is a little room to lie on facts, to cheat on feelings, to deceive the impression and to make a fake laugh or cry. It is the dwelling with subconsciousness is the juice itself. 

Talking about other people's shortcomings might bring enjoyment but only in a fleeting moment. It doesn't last long. And worst, it only mirrors the worse side of our own self which we continue to be guilty about. It is superficial and it demeans worst not on other people but only unto own self.

The purest expression is the expression to one's own self. Spend the day looking inside and begin loving own self. Only then that it will render anyone the less ability to mock others.

Or maybe, instead of thinking about horrible things, think of all good things. Praise the courage of fellow human beings. Feel every spirit whose will to live is always palpable no matter what. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

I No-Mind


Not most people join elections. But most of those who join elections have this idea in them that there must be a politician out there that could finally deliver them from misery. So in a diligent manner they choose men to lead them. But constantly fucked-up; hope always derailed. I usually get annoyed by this. 

But now there something that changed in me. For me, people are free to do what they want. They are free to choose or not to choose their man for office. I am no longer disturbed.

No use to blame anyone. Not these people. Not even the politicians. Watching them is somehow a relaxing entertainment for myself. It is not a surrender. It is called contentment. I feel glad of being free of the struggle to change anything. 

Change comes and it will. It is the course of life, a life with a magnitude of force I have nothing to fight against. The only thing I can do is to have the opportunity to recognize that it is just the way it is no matter what extent of opinions I might have about it.

So, people will continue choose to form or dis-form a government, a society, a connection among each other. But no longer my concern how they do it. But this does not mean I remain dead. In my own terms I still move, breath, eat, enjoy sex and money. But I do what I do just for the sake of doing it. Again, it is just the way things happen. And when the time comes I became itchy again at throwing stones to people, I will do it. But not with a mind that I should do it. I will do it for the sake of just doing it. 

It is not an attitude of not caring about people. It is not "I don't care". It is "I no-mind."

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE. In short, I will still be found  being annoyed by what most people do, specially this mockery about joining elections! (I just no-mind being annoyed)

As God to the Mind, so as Soda to a Cave Dweller


Isolated tribe
The question about the existence of God is not really a problem. It is just a subject of curiosity

If a city dweller will asks an isolated Amazon tribesman how a Cocacola tastes like, the former would look stupider than the latter. But what really happens is that the dweller's curiosity will be aroused. Haven't heard of that shit. Haven't aware of it in his whole life. The city dweller must have brought one for that man. And his curiosity will be satisfied.

The question about the existence of God fires-up curiosity too in a larger scale. It may take a whole life to live with that curiosity and that curiosity becoming a burden and struggle in itself in finding the answer. Because there would be no one bringing an answer like that city dweller. And then suddenly you stumble upon the hint of the answer that you shouldn't have come across that question at the first place. Aha!

And then you surrender that you just can't do anything about it. And there you go, you already found the answer.

An Atheist, a Christian and a Monk


An atheist, a Christian and a monk were heard conversing with each other.

The atheist insisted to the two that there is no God in which the Christian had to protest against everytime. But the monk did not speak much and he let the two as they did most of the talking.

Everytime the Christian uttered the word God, he pointed up is finger up to the sky in which the atheist would chuckle everytime because he really believes there is no God up there and that the Christian was acting irrational. He said to the Christian, "how can you be so sure that God is up there where in fact this planet is oblate spheroid! It is not flat."

The monk couldn't help himself and he chuckled too. The atheist had a point. A man in the north pole and another in the south pole would point their fingers in opposite directions. This very fact, the atheist thought, the Christian had a hard time getting. On the other hand the Christian had a point too. The only plausible answer to the question of existence is to insist that there must be someone who started everything. Big bang must not have been a cause-less fart.

As the debate goes on, all the monk could do was to chuckle and laugh. He had a zero intellectual contribution to the subject the other two were so sweating about. Finally, the other two were annoyed. And they asked the monk about God. The atheist, "hey, skinhead, will you side with me?" And the Christian asked, "what is God to you?"

The monk pointed his fingers on them. And when a dog was just passing by, he pointed his finger on the dog too. The other two continued on their debate instead. They both thought that the monk is much more irrational than them.