Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spiritual Enlightenment Anyone?


I will tell you this: Enlightenment is a thing anyone can be so excited about..yeah with all that imagination of that higher  consciousness, awakening, immaculate being etc? Oh my god you will be really convinced that there is nothing you can't give up just to attain it.....even your family and wealth! That is how powerful it is. 

But here is the spoiler folks. Enlightenment once you thought it through, is a boring thing you want to puke out knowing you were scammed big time. Haha.

This is not to disappoint anyone's spiritual seeking but this is what I found out. You see, you still have to wash you ass after you shit, won't you? Hell, you can't even delay it. Aka this is called in Zen that you still have to clean the plate after you have eaten the food. Enlightenment is not like you will ascend to the heavens kind of feeling. 

Or in the more popular saying, "An ordinary man sees there is a mountain. A Seeker says there is no mountain. But a realized monk says there is the mountain again". 

Enlightenment is akin to completing the circle of consciousness. First you are an ordinary man, then you are a seeker, then you are a realized being. You are lucky if you are already halfway through it or when you are about to see that the mountain is there again. 

Of course I only speak out of my 20/20 hindsight. If you were already told that the paint is still wet, you have all the right to touch it just to know it firsthand and so you won't depend on second hand opinions from those gurus who refuse to tell outright the joke you were in. And there is a reason they won't tell you. Because by then it becomes senseless and boring. True gurus would only tell you a hint. They truly know that enlightenment can only be truly appreciated if one found it first hand. 
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